Energy Alternatives offer a Secure Future for the Caribbean


Constant fluctuations in world oil markets, increasing oil prices, and the high dependence on oil imports are severely affecting the sustainable economic growth of the small economies of the Caribbean region. The Caribbean’s challenges of energy dependence and energy security have now become synonymous with the Caribbean’s challenge to remaining competitive.


Sustainable energy technologies, including renewables and energy efficiency have the potential to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are consumed for the production of electricity in the Caribbean. The fusion of a heightened interest in and appreciation of renewable energy and energy efficiency benefits, combined with increasingly competitive modern technologies has led to a situation in which these systems can provide the most economically sound, long-term investment in the growing power needs of the region.


Endless Energy Caribbean Ltd. is a Caribbean holding company which will provide renewable energy products, design, training, supervision and funding assistance through its network of franchise partners located throughout the Caribbean Island States to assist its customers in reducing or eliminating their utility costs while increasing the value of their homes or businesses.  We specialize in taking our clients "off the grid" where possible. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, Endless Energy Caribbean Ltd is renewable energy developer integrating diverse, complimentary technologies to provide sustainable energy solutions for the Caribbean region.